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SFire canopy icarusworld

ONE STEP FURTHER - The SFire, so much better...

SFire is the next iteration in canopy design. Geared towards the intermediate jumper, will set you up to take you further.

It is an elliptical 9 cell with light shaping, constant cell aspect ratio, with sweet consistent on-heading openings. A forgiving canopy with a powerful flare and responsive controls.

The SFire introduces a number of innovative design features such as Parabolic Reinforcement Tapes (PRT), 2ⁿᵈ generation of Enhanced Ram Air Stabilizers (ERAS²), and Shape Correlation for Inlet Placement (SCIP) that makes it the most advanced design in the market.

PRT allows the SFire to use the elasticity of the fabric to its’ advantage – successfully eliminating upper surface distortion and airfoil deformation and creating a smoother top skin which gives you the glide to get you where you want to go. ERAS² eliminates panel flutter while simultaneously reducing the wing tip vortex to save and use energy for maximum flight performance. SCIP controls the inflation process of the canopy ensuring constant deceleration and consistent on-heading openings.

An optimized span wise skeleton ensures the robustness of the canopy even in the most demanding loading conditions and ensures that the SFire is a structurally superior canopy throughout our entire range of sizes. The newly developed line set configuration will last even longer than before with the same line elongation resulting is less performance deterioration without sacrificing responsiveness.

These structural improvements allow the SFire to have a smoother, cleaner airfoil, positive and dynamic flight characteristics and more canopy control. The SFire allows you to use your rears with ease and experience a huge low end and powerful flare. At a higher wing loading it becomes a different animal, as a result expert canopy pilots don’t want to give it back!

The SFire possess an increased range of performance, allowing you to fly it longer before the progression to the next level XFire takes hold, something all pilots will be on board with!

Wing type: Elliptical
Cells: 9
Fabric: Full Zero Porosity
Nose: Open

Lines: Vectran / Spectra in option
Trim: Regular
Ribs: With partially parabolic low distortion reinforcement tapes
Stabilizers: 2ⁿᵈ generation of Enhanced Ram Air Stabilizers (ERAS²)
Recommended Wing loading (psf): 0.75-1.9