Soaring Higher, Embrace the Sky!

$2,800 USD (not including taxes and shipping)

Soaring Higher, Embrace the Sky!

Our most versatile ZP Ultra Low Pack 9-Cell wing offers superior opening characteristics, exceptional glide, outstanding slow flight stability, and a powerful flare.

Whether you are fresh off student status or a veteran skydiver, the Sky has something to offer at any skill level. This wing will satisfy the skydiver looking for a lightly elliptical, super low pack, and modern flavor.

  • Pleasing and fun to fly from beginner to expert
  • Awesome smooth on-heading openings
  • Sweet and fun to fly from beginner to expert
  • Super low pack volume 3 full sizes under regular

The Sky has been designed as an all-round, no hassle mid-range canopy offering the benefits of a 9 cell performance but without getting radical or requiring any special attention. It’s easy and forgiving to use and delivers consistent on-heading soft openings, easy packing and great landings.

The RESULT is an impressively balanced all-round wing offering superior opening qualities, exceptional glide and range, outstanding slow flight stability and superior safety. It makes a great first canopy when loaded lightly, or a modern mid-range performing wing when loaded with heavier wing-loadings.

For those who want the latest that technology has to offer, but can’t be bothered dealing with the issues normally associated with elliptical canopies, or don’t wish to jump outdated designs with limited performance, then the ICARUS Sky is the perfect choice.

Wing type: Elliptical
Cells: 9
Fabric: LPV hybrid ZP/LP
Nose: Open

Lines: Vectran
Trim: Standard
Ribs: Standard
Stabilizers: Standard
Recommended Wing loading (psf): 0.5-1.9