Demo before making up your mind is the best way to feel the value our canopies bring to the enjoyment of our sport.

How should I proceed?
Easy & straight forward! Make your request by filling-out the form.

What will happen next?
We will get back to you shortly to confirm your request and agree all details.

And then?
Demo canopy will be provided to you at agreed date.

How much in advance should I ask it for if I want it for a defined date?
The sooner the better but we recommend that you request the demo, at least 4 weeks in advance when you have particular date in mind.

How long for me to get the demo?
From a few days to a couple of weeks , depending on availability (may vary depending model, size, period of the year) and shipping location.

How much time can you keep it?
You will have the canopy for two (2) consecutive weekends of jumping.  If you run into weather issues and need the canopy longer give us a call, we may extend your demo time.

The demo program is not foreseen as short rental process, this is exclusively designed for skydivers making a purchase decision but unsure about what model/size they would like to buy.

What will be provided to me?
Your requested demo canopy (duly inspected prior shipment) mounted on risers.

What won’t be provided together with the canopy?
Deployment bag, Pilot Chute, Harness container

Help needed to assemble?
If you need help attaching the deployment bag and/or pilot chute, or assistance attaching the main demo to your rig, please ask a rigger for assistance.

Canopy care
Please, treat demo canopy as if it was yours.

Get in touch with us?
Call +1 3386 236 68 59 or email