ōm Wingsuit-focused, peace and fun!

$2,800 USD (not including taxes and shipping)

Soft on heading openings, ultra low pack volume. Great flight performances and powerful flare!

The new advanced ICARUS ōm multi-stage controlled deployment sequence will allow you to fly your large wingsuit and experience worry-free, soft, on-heading openings.

Peace of mind to conclude your wingsuit flight. Namaste.

The ōm is a 7-cell, semi-elliptical tapered canopy specially designed and engineered to better manage the larger wake of the high-performance wingsuits of today. Her innovative design features provide a superior experience to all skydivers looking for the reliable performance of a modern 7-cell canopy.

Her hybrid zero porosity / ultralight material construction, 2+3+2 nose configuration with external inlets partially closed and central inlets fully open, the unique parabolic low distortion reinforcement tapes on her loading ribs, and the efficient trailing edge control ribs allows the ōm to deliver all you would ever wish for from a top-notch wingsuit canopy:

  • Soft, on-heading openings
  • Ultra-low pack volume
  • Great flight performances
  • Powerful flare

The result of these innovations is a “fun-to-fly”, enjoyable, practical, easy-to-pack, outstanding 7-cell canopy that will bring you back from your long exit spot and will elegantly pack in your small container. Complete your setup with our special low bulk reserve Nano, and embrace the comfort and style that sets you apart as the coolest guy at the drop zone.

Wing planform type: Semi elliptical tapered
Cells: 7
Fabric: Hybrid ZP / Ultralight
Nose: open, 2+3+2, outboard inlets partially closed, central inlet fully open


Lines: Vectran
Trim: Regular
Ribs: Standard  with  Tail ribs
Stabilizers: Standard
Recommended Wing loading (psf): 1.2 – 1.7