ICARUS  is one of the world leaders in sport parachute design and innovation.

A unique combination of industrial tradition, parachute expertise, innovative technology and passion for skydiving has produced a new generation of sport canopies that raise the mark for enjoyment at all levels of fun and performance.  

Since parachute activities started last century the company engineered, tested and manufactured all kinds of textile decelerators and parachutes for military use, aviation, space and sports skydiving. 
Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Barcelona produces under strict ISO9001 and EASA certified procedures and is the home of our research and development, sales and administration activities. We have commercial offices in Deland, FL and Las Franquesas, Barcelona. 
We want to thank you for trusting our brand and our products. By purchasing an ICARUS canopy, you have made the choice for TECHNOLOGY, QUALITY & RELIABILITY. 


Blue skies,