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XFire canopy icarusworld

THE ULTIMATE GATEWAY - Fly the XFire and you will see why from opening all the way to the shutdown, this wing is a class of it's own.

Fly the XFire and you will discover why from opening all the way to the shutdown, this wing is a class of it’s own. 

Carefully designed to excel in all areas important to you- the pilot: openings, harness input, swooping, and packing while remaining your ultimate “everyday canopy.”

The XFire openings are smooth and consistent as ever. Through the application of our Shape Correlation for Inlet Distribution (SCID) recently debuted in the SFire and the TX2, the result are fluid on-heading openings. At terminal speeds the XFire takes between 800-900 feet to give you that perfect opening every single time. And the best part? It doesn’t need to be packed with meticulous skill! This wing wants to give you soft on-heading openings effortlessly.


The XFire has adopted the Schuemann Planform (elliptical on the leading edge and less so on the trailing edge) that allows for great lift and reactivity, which is why this planform has been used in paragliders, speed wings and other high performance wings. When this planform is adopted the stall speed is lowered; therefore you can swoop further than with other canopies. This is also why the XFire has a minimum requirement of 400 total jumps and 200 jumps annually. Currency is mandatory. However, at this level of reactivity and performance 800 jumps is what we believe to be the benchmark to really experience the caliber of performance the XFire can offer.

The XFire is above and beyond the competition when it comes to harness inputs, so flying with leg pad input alone is done with ease. The recovery arc remains shorter than traditional cross braced canopies- which is exactly why this is the ULTIMATE GATEWAY CANOPY. The reactivity of the XFire translates to awesome front riser pressure, and dramatically easy rear riser control. It takes little effort to land on your rears and experience a powerful flare. Toggle control is great as the XFire has a much stronger low end flare, which results in the ability to shut it down on no wind days even in a tight landing area.

Now let’s talk innovation: SCID gives the openings but the performance of the XFire demanded elevated Parabolic Reinforcement Tapes (PRT). A full parabola of reinforcement is visible on load bearing ribs, a great deal more than the SFire or TX2. A canopy like the XFire needs absolutely no drag from distortion of the top skin, so even though it is more time consuming in the production line, the end product is worth it, and when you swoop the XFire you will understand.

This isn’t your average elliptical 9 cell. Fly the XFire and you will see why from opening all the way to the shutdown, this wing is a game changer.

Wing type: Schuemann Planform, Elliptical on leading edge
Cells: 9
Fabric: Full Zero Porosity
Nose: Partially closed

Lines: Vectran
Trim: Standard
Ribs: With parabolic reinforcement tapes
Stabilizers: Inflatable
Recommended Wing loading (psf): 1.4-2.4