OM7 Icarus Canopies


om-7 Icarus Canopies

$2,630 USD

Om7 canopy icarusworld

Wingsuit-Focused 7 cells, Peace & Fun

The ōm -7-’s multi stage controlled deployment sequences will allow you to fly your wingsuit and experience worry-free, soft, on-heading openings. Peace of mind to conclude your wingsuit flight. Namaste.

The ICARUS WORLD ōm -7- is a 7-cells, semi elliptical tapered canopy specially designed and engineered for wingsuit pilot, but it’s also suitable for all skydivers looking for the reliable performance of a contemporary 7-cell canopy.

His hybrid* construction (ZP, F-111), 2+3+2 nose configuration (external inlets partially closed, central inlet fully open) and parabolic low distortion reinforcement tapes allows the ōm -7- to deliver all you would ever wish for from a top-notch wingsuit canopy:

  • Soft, on heading openings
  • Low pack volume
  • Great flight performances
  • Powerful flare

The RESULT is a “fun-to-fly”, enjoyable, practical, easy to pack, outstanding 7-cell wingsuit canopy as well a parachute with enlightened performance for all other facets of modern skydiving.

Wing type: Semi elliptical tapered
Cells: 7
Fabric: Hybrid (ZP/LP)
Nose: Open, 2+3+2, outboard inlets partially closed, central inlet fully open


Lines: Vectran
Trim: Regular
Ribs: Standard
Stabilizers: Standard
Recommended Wing loading (psf): 1.2 – 1.7